World War II Memorial Museum (“Bank Kerapu”)

The World War II Memorial museum in Kota Bharu is also known as “Bank Kerapu”. The World War II Memorial museum is located at Padang Merdeka. It was built in 1912 to be used as a commercial bank by the Mercantile Bank of India Ltd, thus, the name “Bank Kerapu” was given. The building was used as the headquarters for the Japanese Kempetai (Japanese secret police). Though Bank Kerapu is not an exclusive war museum, however, one can view photographs, artefacts and other memorabilia from the War. One can also view the replica of a Pillbox and a memorial structure jointly erected by the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia and the Government of the state of Kelantan. The memorial structure was erected to commemorate the “first commitment of Australian
Combat Units against the Forces of Imperial Japan at Kota Bharu”.