The old Buloh Kasap Bridge, Buloh Kasap

The old bridge that was built across the Muar River is located in the town of Buloh Kasap. The bridge was constructed by the British Government and hence, had the unusual motif of the British Union Jack forming the two sides of the bridge. The Allied Forces destroyed part of the old Buloh Kasap Bridge to delay the advancement of the Japanese Army. The Battle of Sungai Muar (Buloh Kasap) was fought here. The old bridge, albeit broken, could still be seen with its unique “Union Jack” motif on both sides.

Bullet hole markings on the walls
Not far from the old Buloh Kasap bridge are a row of shop houses. When examining the walls of the shop houses, bullet hole markings on the walls could be seen. It is a fascinating experience for anyone to see tangible evidence from WWII.