The Kelamah River Memorial (The Battle for Gemas Memorial) /
WWII Memorial Japan Australia, Gemencheh / Gemas

The Kelamah River Memorial also known as the the WWII Memorial Japan Australia commemorates the Battle of Gemas. This was the battle site where the Australian soldiers from 2/30th Battalion ambushed the Japanese troops from the 5th Division. The Japanese suffered 1,000 casualties in that battle. The site is located at the border of Gemencheh / Gemas. It is next to the main road or highway of Federal Route 1 and south of the bank of Sg Kelamah (formerly known as Sg. Gemencheh). The site can be easily identified by the Memorial structure and the signboard that states “Tugu Peringatan Perang Dunia Kedua Jepun Australia” which is loosely translated in English as “World War II Memorial Japan Australia”

The broken bridge of Sungai Kelamah (Kelamah River)
The Sungai Kelamah (Kelamah River) or formerly known as Sungai Gemencheh (Gemencheh River) is located a few metres away from the Memorial. Here, one can sight the remnants of a wooden bridge which was blown apart by the Australian troops. The bridge played a significant role in the battle as it was here that the ambush against the Japanese troops took place. The bridge was blown up leaving the Japanese troops vulnerable that resulted massive casualties on the Japanese army. The remnants of the bridge in the form of “pillars” could still be seen.

The anti-tank cylinder blocks
The anti-tank cylinder blocks are located approximately 200 metres from the Memorial on a private land. Permission is required to  enter the land. When examining the blocks closely, one could see some bullet markings on them. This could be due to shots been fired and hitting the blocks more than 75 years ago. A fascinating discovery.