Sir Henry Gurney’s grave

Sir Henry Gurney was appointed as the British High Commissioner Malaya on 1st October 1948, barely a few months after the Malayan Emergency was declared. He was assassinated by the Communist Terrorists on 6th July 1951 while on the way to Fraser’s Hill. This is a sad episode of the Malayan Emergency as assassinating Sir Henry Gurney was not the Communist Terrorists’ objective. Their objective was to ambush supply trucks, looking for food and supply. However, when they saw the Rolls Royce approaching with its Union Jack flag waving, the Communists knew that they had hit the “jackpot”. When they fired at Sir Henry Gurney’s car, Sir Henry Gurney mistakenly thought the Communists were targeting him. Not wanting any harm to come to his wife who was travelling with him, Sir Henry Gurney opened the door and walked towards the gunfire. Sir Henry Gurney was instantly killed but he managed to save his wife and the other people travelling with him in the car. Sir Henry Gurney’s selfless heroic act earned him a well deserved place in our history book. Sir Henry Gurney was buried in the Cheras Cemetery.