Pillboxes in Kota Bharu

  1. Pillbox in the town of Kota Bharu
    This Pillbox is located close to the Kota Bharu airport, near a junction at Jalan Pengkalan Chepa. It is believed the Pillbox was used by the 1st Hyderabad Indian State Forces to defend the Kota Bharu airfield during WWII.
  2. Pillbox near the old Lee Rubber Building in Kota Bharu
    This Pillbox is located just a stone throw away from the old Lee Rubber Building and the Grand Riverview Hotel. One can easily miss this Pillbox because it doesn’t look like the typical Pillbox unless you take a closer look. The Pillbox which has partially sunk into the ground has been cleverly “disguised” to look like a normal viewing platform with iron bars at the top. The Pillbox overlooks a river, therefore making it a strategic location more than 75 years ago.
  3. Pillbox, Pulau Kundur
    This Pillbox is located in Pulau Kundur which is on the way to Pantai Cahaya Bulan (formerly known as Badang). This Pillbox is one of the few Pillboxes that a visitor could enter. The Pillbox is in relatively good shape and appear to be sturdy. Being in the Pillbox allows the person to have a “feel” on what it was like to mend a defensive position awaiting the enemies to attack.