Kuala Pak Amat (formerly known as Sabak beach)

Kuala Pak Amat is one of the first landing sites of the Japanese assault forces in Malaya. A fierce battle took place here, thus, the battle is sometimes referred to as “The Battle of Kuala Pak Amat”. Some of the notable things to note at Kuala Pak Amat is a simple monument commemorating the Japanese landing at Kuala Pak Amat. The date and time are stated in the monument. We were told that there used to be pillboxes along the beach of Kuala Pak Amat but they seem to have disappeared due to erosion. For those who know the historical background and the significance of Kuala Pak Amat in WWII, you may experience a kind of surreal feeling walking on the beach where hundreds were killed and wounded. A feeling similar to walking on Normandy beach in France. For those who are not familiar with the history of Kuala Pak Amat, walking on the beach may just be a peaceful and serene experience.