Green Ridge – Battle of Kampar

The Battle of Kampar (30 Dec 1941 – 2 Jan 1942) was fought between the British together with the Indian troops from the 11th Indian Infantry Division on one side and the Japanese 5th Division on the other. The Battle of Kampar has become a significant war historical event as this was where the Japanese experienced its first defeat and heavy casualty inflicted by the British and Indian troops in the Malayan Campaign. It was the Imperial Japanese Army’s goal to capture Kampar on 30th December 1941 as a New Year’s gift to the Emperor of Japan. However, the Japanese army did not expect a fierce heavy resistance from the British and Indian troops and thus, wasn’t able to meet their goal. The mass of the Battle of Kampar took place in Green Ridge and Thompson Ridge. Unfortunately for Thompson Ridge, part of it has been developed into residential housing and commercial lots.